Our servers (both VPS and devoted) come in three flavors, contingent upon the help and highlights you need: 

Self-guided Servers are for the aces among us who need however much control as could be expected. These are incredible in case you're alright with shell prompts and are a prepared executive. 

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Overseen Servers were made in light of most clients. They offer the intensity of a server, just as the simplicity of dealing with your server through a control board. Notwithstanding, it's still altogether more convoluted than something like a WYSIWYG program like Website Builder. 

Completely Managed Servers give GoDaddy the duty of overseeing and keeping up your server. You're as yet liable for the locales you need to have on the server, yet we deal with essentially everything else. 

Highlight Definitions 

Get hip to our lingo...(that's what the children state nowadays, right?) 


At the point when security vulnerabilities are fixed, it's critical to get them on your server as quickly as time permits. Utilizing programmed fixing, your server use the fixing instruments accessible through its working framework or control board to refresh possibly risky components rapidly. 

Root Access 

To introduce programming on your server through the order line or other executive level errands, you'll most likely need root get to. Except if you're comfortable with controlling your server through order line, we don't suggest utilizing it however; it's a lot simpler to break your server utilizing the force root get to gives you than it is to utilize similar benefits to fix it. 

Empower root or administrator access to my Gen 3 Managed or Fully Managed server 

Control Panels 

Manging your server can considerably more direct with a control board, which makes a UI to finish executive level assignments like making FTP clients and adding sites to your server. Without a control board, you can just deal with your server by means of order line. 

Reinforcements: On-Demand 

You've seen those alerts where we state, "We suggest backing up your server before rolling out these improvements." This is reinforcement. Make one reinforcement and reestablish your server to it if things don't work out like you foreseen.