MERCOIN is a cryptocurrency created and oriented to a social network in which MRN points are exchanged for money for performing interaction actions on the platform. Our mission is to create an online community in which interactivity is rewarded.

Users earn interchangeable points for money for commenting, liking, uploading posts or inviting friends. This makes the interactivity increase, making the platform attractive for both companies and users.
Puedes conseguir puntos MRN fácilmente:

    - Publicando posts en tu perfil 20 puntos MRN
      - Comentando posts de otros usuarios 10 puntos MRN
        - Reaccionando a los posts de otros usuarios (me gusta, me encanta, etc) 5 puntos MRN

        El límite diario de puntos es 1000 Puntos.
You can reverse your MRN points in different ways according to your preferences:

- You can directly invest those points in advertising campaigns on the same platform. You can access from the vertical menu on the left on the main page or directly by clicking here: https://mercoin.org/ads

- You can exchange these MRN points for Mercoin cryptocurrencies by transferring them directly from the platform in the “wallet” section that you can find in an orange box in the “my points” section or by clicking here: https://mercoin.org/wallet

- You can exchange MRN points for MRN cryptocurrencies that you can exchange for Euros, Dollars, etc.
You can directly get 20 MRN interchangeable for money for each user you invite.

It's very easy, you just have to write your partner's email in the “Invite your Friends” section that you can find at the bottom of the friendship suggestions on the mercoin.org home page